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OPINION: Support The Squamish Chief

Thursday we’re doing something special: our carriers are delivering a copy of The Squamish Chief to every home in Squamish. We’re doing this to encourage the community to support local journalism and, if they’re not already, to become a subscriber of The Chief.

We know every Squamish resident is familiar with The Chief and considers it their hometown news source. You trust us: for our honest, reliable and timely reporting and because you recognize we care about our community and the impact that events have on Squamish just like you do. 

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We’re not just here to grab the big headline stories and then head back to the city. The Chief is committed every day to making a difference in Squamish: a difference to how you vote, a difference to how you champion our town, a difference to how you view what’s important about where you live. We celebrate our community and the events that we love, whether it’s a bike race or the farmer’s market, Loggers Sports or the week-to-week activities of our many clubs and organizations.

We tell the stories of Squamish.

We do this by employing trained and reputable journalists to do the work. They attend council meetings, public hearings, school board meetings and countless events.  We hold public officials and institutions to account. We have professional photographers on hand to capture important moments for individual families and greater milestones in our town’s history.

Many local communities across Canada no longer have a local newspaper or journalists to take on these tasks, and public discourse has eroded. We are fortunate to have an award-winning team of journalists at The Squamish Chief and we are 100 per cent committed to serving our community.

To do this we count on our local businesses to support us with their advertising dollars, and residents and readers who buy a subscription to the newspaper.  Over the years our newspaper subscribers have declined while our readership grows online. We expect and want our digital presence to continue to grow, but it doesn’t pay for the journalism, and it’s not the comprehensive package that’s delivered to your doorstep every Thursday by a local carrier.

So today we have a simple ask: please take the time to read this week’s issue of The Chief, and consider the value of what’s in it.  If you like what you read and see, then buy a subscription. 

We are offering a special rate to encourage you to be a supporter of local news and someone who cares about what goes on in the community: bring in a receipt or business card from any of the businesses advertising in this issue, and receive $10 off an annual subscription, reducing the cost from $45 to $35. Call us at 604-892-9161 or stop by our office at 38117 Second Ave.

You’ll not only be supporting your local newspaper, but also the many businesses of Squamish. We thank you for it.

~Sarah Strother, Publisher

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