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OPINION: When local layoffs hit close to home

After weeks of writing only about how COVID-19 is impacting Squamish, you could say I should’ve read the writing on the wall.

After all, The Squamish Chief is a business too, and, like all businesses during this pandemic, has difficult choices to make.

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For what will hopefully be a short time, my name and stories won’t be appearing in this newspaper. While my lay off will be temporary, Squamish and The Chief are lucky to have our other reporters continuing this crucial work.

I believe that news — an accurate, fact-checked source of information — is always important. Local news helps you know what impacts you and your community, so you can make informed decisions or instigate change for the better. During extreme circumstances like the ones we’re in, news becomes even more critical.

It’s hard to be suddenly unable to contribute to something I care deeply about. But if being laid off is what it takes to help keep journalism in Squamish, it’s what has to be done.

It won’t be easy. I don’t know what’s next. But like many have before me, I ask that you continue to support local businesses — including this one — if you’re able to. The choices we make now will have an impact on what our community looks like when this is over.

Although I’ve only lived in Squamish for 14 months, I love my job and I love this community. I won’t be going anywhere, and I hope to see you all soon — after social distancing measures are lifted, of course.

Stay safe, Squamish.

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