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EDITORIAL: Embrace Squamish Days this weekend

With the sounds of Squamish’s newest festival still ringing in our ears from last weekend, this upcoming weekend marks one of the oldest festivals in town — Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival.

In some ways, the five-day festival is more the hallmark of a new year than Jan. 1st.

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This event takes about 450 volunteers to pull off, according to organizers, and planning for it starts as soon as the event ends.

The months between last year’s festival and this one have seen the divide between old and new Squamish widen as new developments sprout like mushrooms around town.

Online discourse has devolved on Squamish forums as issues like housing, vanlife and tourism have brought out the best and worst in many.

The long-standing divide between those who support the Woodfibre LNG project and those who don’t has not ebbed over the last year.

At a time like this, loggers sports is the perfect event to bring people together.

If you are new to Squamish, or just never found the time to go, change that this time around.

The festival highlights the best of Squamish. The volunteers represent Squamish’s renowned can-do, help-your-neighbour spirit. Six local service clubs are involved: Howe Sound Curling Club, Rotary Club of Squamish, Royal Canadian Legion #277, Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Station 4, Squamish Elk’s #119, and the Squamish Valley Equestrian Association.

How cool is that?

With events like the kettle boil challenge, bed races and actual loggers sports, spectators can see what built the town that is now known more for its recreation.

Come out to rub shoulders with the old-time loggers who remember when everyone out on the field competing was in the forest industry.

But see too the evolution of the event. Most who compete now, and flock to Squamish from around the world, don’t work out in the woods for their day jobs. They are world-class athletes who have embraced the forestry traditions.

If you are an old-timer who has attended or participated in the festival for decades, thank you for keeping this fun, exciting and unique festival going into its 62nd year.

There is truly something for everyone this weekend, from the outdoor movie, pancake breakfast, eight-kilometre run, international axe throw and of course the Squamish Rotary beef on a bun.

It is an awesome event. See you there, Squamish.

For all the details on the weekend, see The Chief’s feature in the July 25 paper or go to squamishdays.ca.

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