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HST a 'vote of non-confidence'

EDITOR, Re. "Politics as usual," Editorial, Chief, Sept. 2.


Re. "Politics as usual," Editorial, Chief, Sept. 2.

An early provincial election would be inconvenient as you stated in your column, but is this a good enough reason to buy into the government's arguments for postponing it?

If that vote on the retention/ditching of the HST had been confined to the legislature and if, by some miracle, the opposition could have convinced enough members to produce the same results, this government would be no more.

It doesn't matter how one's vote went on this, but I fail to see how this government can still claim a mandate after having been trounced so thoroughly with a "vote of non-confidence" in a public referendum on this issue, an issue big enough to even have sunk a Premier.

Wolfgang Wittenburg


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