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Is recycling more important than our children's safety?



Is the new location of the Valleycliffe Recycling Centre safe for the pedestrians and motoring public?

I believe that the proposed location creates a major traffic hazard and is a safety concern to both pedestrians and the motoring public. People exiting the site turning left to go to town will create a traffic nightmare on Guilford Drive, an already extremely busy road as it is the only route in and out of Valleycliffe .

Do you want to make a difference? Please sign my petition circulating in Valleycliffe, or voice your concerns to Mayor Ian Sutherland at 604-815-5030 or Public Works (Gord Prescott) at 604-815-6868.

I believe introducing a blue box recycling program is the win-win solution.

Thank you for your support.

Danielle Alie


Still knitting


Hi, my name is Susan Bruvall and I used to work at Squamish Public Library and run the Knack to Knit there. I have retired as has my part of the knitting at the library.

Maureen Gilmour mentioned in her column last week that the Knack to Knit has moved to Wool Studio Carina. Actually, it is not Knack to Knit from the Library, it is a continuation that was always offered at the Wool Studio. We have always knit there the other three Sundays of the month, and only one at the Library.

Lessons for beginners are Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. (no charge for teaching of course) and Sunday afternoons are meant as an afternoon of exchanging ideas, tips, techniques and doing projects for those that already knit and crochet.

I appreciate Maureen's mentioning the fact the I'm no longer at Knack to Knit, I guess I should have clarified that this is not the same thing, just a spinoff.

I was proud to be associated with the Knack to Knit and loved my year with it, but I am also enjoying as a retired person, helping out and teaching with Carina at Wool Studio Carina.

Susan Bruvall


Teaching kids to think ahead


I am writing with concern after hearing that once again our local youths have targeted visitors to our town.

It may not be a big deal to some as the targets were carnies. From what I can determine the local youths were only trying to provoke a fight and due to the lack of response from the carnies, nothing actually transpired. I felt compelled to discuss this issue with my teens to convey the impact that issues with visitors to our town has on their future.

So much of what is known about Squamish refers either to the attack on the Americans in 2003 or the Bob McIntosh incident. Since we are making the transition from a logging and rail town to a tourism-based economy, we need to attract visitors. If any of our children are contemplating staying in Squamish, perhaps opening a company or working in this community, they need to understand the repercussions of their actions now. Word of mouth and articles in the Province can do a tremendous amount of damage.

Everyone needs to think about what people take away from our town. I have three teenaged daughters between the ages of 13 and 18 who hadn't really thought about it in those terms. Why would our teens consider this long-range impact unless we teach our kids to think ahead.

We aren't here to be their buddies, we are here to give them the tools they need to do well in life. Thinking ahead is one of those tools.

Adriana Smith


Editor's note: As of press time Squamish RCMP were not able to confirm any reports of violence at the Spring Fair.

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