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Letter: A poem for the Stawamus Chief

'Sweet Stawamus' is a poem by Squamish's Lauren Joy Patar.
The Stawamus Chief.
The Stawamus Chief.

As a former long-time resident of Squamish, I have a fondness for the Stawamus Chief. Her recent rock slides inspired me to express her ‘shedding’ in a poem. Voicing a perspective not just limited to humans but applicable to all-natural elements. “Sweet Stawamus” captures the essence of change and the need to embrace that journey. May we continue to honour and respect this beautiful land, our home.

Sweet Stawamus

Her beauty wanes

Shedding decades of her weary vein

She unfolds

Cascading formations of past

Releasing pressure and stress

Unrelenting passion of present

Making room for new

Embracing change

Challenging nothing

Exercising privilege to release

Honoring the process

Now, in this breath, fearless

She renews, she frees herself

In this moment, sharing rebirth

This precious process

Years of fatigue take their toll

Preserved by the experiences of past

Solidified in the knowing of now

The journey continues

We are honoured, we are grateful

Lauren Joy Patar