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Letter: BC Hydro should pay for dead fish

'Companies need to respect the wildlife and all that it entails.'
pink 1
Squamish conservationist and biologist Chessy Knight took this shot of the dead and dying pink salmon stranded along the Cheakmus River, Oct. 1.

I’m First Nations, and I live in Ottawa. I saw your story on how B.C. Hydro is to blame for the death of thousands of spawning salmon. [“Will BC Hydro be charged for the thousands of fish killed in Squamish?” published Nov. 16.]

From your great coverage in your story, it seems to me that BC Hydro isn’t taking this as seriously as they should be.

I’m definitely not a fan of any hydro company. They all stick it to their customers, charging us crazy rates. Meanwhile, their executives get pay and bonuses worth millions.

And now they are affecting wildlife — more than just spawning fish were harmed or killed.

They even had the nerve to say there was a “positive” about what happened.

Living in Ontario, I never knew about the 2019 incident. I really do wish and hope they will be charged and made to change their ways.

But being a hydro company, I highly doubt anything will happen to them.

A lawsuit should be filed if charges aren’t laid. And the lawsuit should be a high enough amount, so they will have no choice but to take this seriously and show remorse. Saying there was a “positive” really rubbed me the wrong way.

I hope the outcome will be beneficial for all those affected.

I am so tired of our government and the big companies treating us any way they want.

That has to change. Charging them would be a start and show them we as a people aren’t going to be walked over carelessly.

I’ve been to B.C. a few times, and I think it is the most beautiful province in Canada.

Companies need to respect the wildlife and all that it entails.

Dan Jansen