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Letter: Bikes and cars do not make a good mix

The struggle for cyclist safety in the Sea to Sky Corridor.
'On local streets, I find a high disregard for bikers who weave in and out  and mostly disregard stop signs and move at high speeds along trails and throughout the town," says letter writer Larry Marray.

Regarding the editorial,  “Do B.C.’s new road rules truly enhance cyclists’ safety in Squamish?” [published April 11].

I am both a driver and a biker. My mental focus is different when I bike or drive. Like most responsible drivers, I try to be very aware of bikes on local streets as well as on the Sea to Sky Highway. As a biker, I am constantly aware of my presence among the big boy vehicles.  In spite of the Polish research that suggests more bikes mean slower vehicles, I am not at all convinced that is workable in the B.C. context, nor is the new legislation coming in June. 

On local streets, I find a high disregard for bikers who weave in and out  and mostly disregard stop signs and move at high speeds along trails and throughout the town. 

E-bikes and scooters add to the complexity, and then the growing number of motorized wheelchairs also add to the mix. Vehicles have to follow the ministry rules, pedestrians also have sidewalks and button control walk zones. Bikes, scooters and wheelchairs are an unregulated form of transport, using streets, bike lanes and sidewalks as they wish or need. Yes, there needs to be a focus on education and also on sanctions for those who create dangerous situations—driver and pedestrian. 

As to bikes and vehicles on the Sea to Sky Highway—Ouch!  This highway is already the most dangerous in the province and the commercials showing high-speed performance  promote such behaviour on this highway. 

There is an answer and it will be years ahead, but the planning could start now—create a bike lane paralleling the CN Rail line from Pemberton to North Vancouver. Most rail beds eventually become hiking or biking trails, and this section of the CN line is hardly used. Such a pathway will offer a very safe alternative to the Sea to Sky Race Track Highway. 

Think about the scenery and the low grades. 

Think about the tourism potential.

Think about the carbon capture.  

Think about safety!

Larry Murray 


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