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Letter: Canadian government was not 'following the science' with vaccine mandate on planes

'Unfortunately, the travel vaccine mandate was not based on any scientific evidence. Nor was the gondola petition.'
Letter writer takes aim at federal government's travel restrictions.

The Federal government is currently defending itself against a lawsuit mounted by Shaun Rickard and  Karl Harrison, who claim the travel vaccine mandate is a violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights.

The testimony has revealed that the Canadian government was not “following the science” when it implemented the vaccine mandate. 

For example, under cross-examination, Dr. Lisa Waddell, a senior epidemiologist and team lead at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said that vaccinating air travellers was not recommended by PHAC. She said, “there wasn’t a lot of evidence on that so, as a strategy as a whole, it has not been evaluated in the literature and therefore is not elaborated in the review.”

The government’s own data show that the risk of contracting COVID on a flight is less than one in a million.

It is fascinating stuff. This brings me to John Konig, and his “Whistler Blackcomb put public safety first, require a vaccine certificate to ski and ride,” petition of  2021. It was a terrible idea to try to ban the unvaccinated from going skiing. We know this to be 100% true in light of the fact that the 2021 / 2022 season went off without a hitch.

In addition, at least 11 studies showed the risk of catching COVID in a gondola is minuscule.  And we already knew that the vaccine did not stop the transmission of COVID.

Why were those supporting the petition so far removed from reality? Because they believed in the inherent truth and goodness of our government. It followed that if you needed to be vaccinated to board a plane, why not a gondola? Unfortunately, the travel vaccine mandate was not based on any scientific evidence. Nor was the gondola petition.

Martin Fichtl