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Letter: History repeating in Squamish?

Does this not read familiar?
Petitioners believe that the neighbourhood planning process for Garibaldi Estates could disrupt the area and threaten the historic veterans’ lands.
It is often said that history repeats itself if we do not learn from it. [“Petitioners urge District of Squamish to avoid densifying Garibaldi Estates and veterans’ lands,” published Oct. 5.]

Well, this was written in 2007 concerning a development proposal for the Garibaldi Estates which includes the VLA properties.

 It was written as part of a plea to council by concerned citizens who lived in the area.

They too signed a petition:

“Many of the property owners in this area enjoy natural woodlands, large gardens, orchards and even agricultural endeavours, such as apiaries. A higher density development will bring more traffic and an increase in noise and will ultimately change the unique character of the neighbourhood and result in the loss of forested areas and refuge for wildlife. Furthermore, we feel that a high-density development, which is an obvious contrast to the existing homes, will negatively affect the general aesthetics of this community, decrease the value of the properties, affect our privacy, expose our property boundaries to new roadways, and increase lighting and noise.”

Does this not read familiar?

Dave Colwell

Garibaldi Highlands