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Letter: Questions about hydrogen in Squamish

'We have to be careful please when jumping onboard with taxpayers’ money for new technology.'
It was announced last week that Squamish-based business Quantum Technology is getting a $2,547,500 injection of federal funds to scale up its green tech.. Here, founder and president of Quantum Technology, Dr. Calvin Winter talked about the future of hydrogen in the energy mix.

Re: “Squamish company gets $2.5-million nod from feds,” published online on Feb. 23.

We have to be careful please when jumping onboard with taxpayers’ money for new technology. 

Can someone please explain how much hydropower goes—will be going into— the production of a ton of hydrogen and/or helium at this new site? 

 Further, what is the ratio of energy into energy out?  

Finally,  who will be buying the finished product, and does it make sense to use B.C.’s short supply of electricity for this production?   

Even with Site C coming online, I understand B.C. will be a net importer of electricity for the long term. 

Dave Heine


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