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Letter: Retain single-family neighbourhoods in Squamish

People, there is a very simple sociological bottom line here; there are the 'have’s' and the 'have nots.'
Petitioners believe that the neighbourhood planning process for Garibaldi Estates could disrupt the area and threaten the historic veterans’ lands.
I am vehemently opposed to planned and effectively forced development leading to ‘infilling’ in historically established single-family dwelling neighbourhoods, such as the VLA lots in Garibaldi Estates or any other older R1 blocks. It is especially undesirable if it were to be enacted by out-of-town developers.

The scenario involved in this is exemplified by a developer coming into an R1 neighbourhood, offering to purchase an existing property at a price above market value and then, being successful, going on to modify or even demolish the property to prepare for future building. Then this developer would approach the adjacent properties and make a similar offer and so on until there is a block of purchased properties large and appropriate enough to build a large multifamily unit. Of course, the extent and size of the new development would vary.

This kind of thing is happening in Vancouver, having the ultimate effect of destroying the cultural aspect of many historic neighbourhoods.

This is unnecessary in our town since there are many ‘virgin’ areas quite suitable for multifamily dwelling development. I am not against this at all. In fact, it is one of the solutions to help further reduction in the exponential trend toward devastating climate change.

Notwithstanding, every town should be able to retain some communities which reflect a single-family lifestyle. Many have bought into their areas with their preferred lifestyle expectations and should be allowed to fulfil them for as long as they live there.

People, there is a very simple sociological bottom line here; there are the “have’s” and the “have nots.”

The irony is that way back the ‘haves” were “have nots.” They came to Squamish, rented for a while and saved up for a deposit on their land, which they cleared and built or contracted for specialist jobs. Presto, they had a place! Some of these people are still in Garibaldi Estates and elsewhere in the valley. Many are aging. Now their lifestyle is threatened by greedy developers who want to strip them of their hard-earned legacy, at least culturally. A temporary council, at their whims, wants to save our world (at least cloaked as so). They hire slick speakers and staff operators to do their work, and we are left in turmoil. Sad, really. And they really will not listen to us.

Related to this, I am further concerned that council has allowed unfettered development of New single-family houses in the Quest University area. This is exponential and ongoing fast.

Dave Colwell

Garibaldi Highlands