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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why are we punishing Whistler Blackcomb?

letter - empty whistler village - bc covid by Braden Dupuis
Instead of closing Whistler Blackcomb and hurting local businesses, why not put a road check on the Sea to Sky highway just north of Squamish, asks this letter writer.

I was dismayed that our province has mandated that the mountain close for three weeks. Whistler Blackcomb has done everything to minimize COVID-19 spreading on their mountains, big kudos to them, yet they are being punished for the fault of provincial government's inability to enforce its non-essential travel [advisory]. 
As all of us who call Whistler home know, the last three weeks has seen an inordinate amount of travellers coming to town, and the majority of them do not have skis or boards with them.

Why have they been allowed to travel here?. Instead of closing the mountain, and hurting so many businesses in town, why not put a road check on the highway just north of Squamish? If they do not have ski/board equipment in their car, turn them around. That will stop the spread of COVID-19 considerably faster than closing the mountain.

With Easter coming this weekend, we are once again going to be inundated with non-essential travellers coming to town, and a closed mountain is not going to affect their travel plans whatsoever.

The sad part is that the government knows what needs to be done but refuses to make the hard decisions needed to stop non-essential travel into B.C., let alone into Whistler.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, stop the non-essential traveller!

Larry Falcon // Whistler