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Letter: Wanna help solve Whistler's housing crisis? Build low-rise apartments in the day lots

'The huge, flat carpark is an obvious choice to me to build multiple apartments on'
Could Whistler's day lots be used for low-rise apartments?

As a visitor to Whistler, having left just recently—I have been travelling to ski in Whistler for 22 years—and having read Pique both online and in paper regularly, I see the accursed accommodation problem is constant and always being discussed.

Whistler is one of those communities torn between its wish to remain clean, green, and special, while at the same time relying on us hordes of visitors for its economic existence. Low cost and staff housing is the constant theme and land use is always being contested. However, over the road from municipal hall are the day lots, the largest tract of open land in the village, fully utilized only on holidays and powder days.

The huge, flat carpark is an obvious choice to me to build multiple apartments on, while at the same time retaining the land area for its current use. I assume I am not the only observer of this obvious opportunity, but I have never heard it discussed. There is an ability to build low-rise apartments on top of the car park, or part of it, while retaining the ground floor for parking—no snow to clear either. Great. Just thinking while on the plane home to Oz again after another great month’s skiing.

Brian Beban // Australia

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