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Letters to the editor

The height of hypocrisy? Editor, I find it ironic that representatives of Squamish Nation are upset at the SLRD for its decision to postpone the Ashlu rezoning application for private power.

The height of hypocrisy?


I find it ironic that representatives of Squamish Nation are upset at the SLRD for its decision to postpone the Ashlu rezoning application for private power.

On one hand the Squamish Nation is claiming title for land and resources wrongfully taken from them in the past. I support them in those claims.

On the other hand they are now key players in the wrongful theft of run-of-the-river power sites and, until now publicly owned by all citizens of B.C. including First Nations.

By partnering with private companies under the present plan, they are not only removing those sites from public power in the future, they are also contributing to the ultimate collapse of BC Hydro and ALL our public power in the future. If that happens, then under the consequences of NAFTA rules, every B.C. business and family including those of First Nations, will be paying much higher North American prices for electricity, even though the electricity is generated right within our province. Rights and title of First Nations are still in place because they did not sign treaties with the original plunderers of their land. The power pirates of today have treaties like NAFTA signed, and ready to be enacted to take control, as soon as our public power system is sufficiently weakened.

One has to wonder if all members of the First Nations are aware, or understand the scope of what is taking place, and the damage being done to the B.C. economy.

If so it would seem to be the height of hypocrisy.

Lyle Fenton


Ashlu power not for B.C.


It was bad enough that the SLRD was being blackmailed by the provincial government into handing over the Ashlu for private power. Now Dale Harry of Squamish Nation, fronting for the private company Ledcor, is threatening to oppose other SLRD developments unless the Ashlu is rezoned.

Dale also complains that the SLRD poses the only obstacle to the rezoning, while the provincial government is so firmly in favor. Well, maybe that's because of Ledcor "donations" to the B.C. Liberal Party - $60,000 on record, plus staffing for Gordon Campbell's personal campaign, with more to come.

Whatever became of developers simply pointing out the benefits of projects? Well, that's because there are very few ongoing benefits from IPPs, beyond a huge undeserved profit for Ledcor, with a sizeable handout to Squamish Nation from Ledcor in the process.Meanwhile, the downside is that one by one, our small hydro sites are being taken by companies like Ledcor, and then being flipped to out-of-province and foreign interests, so they can either export the power or hold us to ransom at North American electricity rates, three or four times higher than our BC rates.

Many people fail to realize that it's not where the power is produced or how "green" it appears, but rather who owns it that determines whether or not BC families and businesses get to use that power in the future.

It is interesting that in the same issue of last week's Chief, on page B7, right beside the Ledcor employment propaganda ad (with no contact numbers for those who might actually be looking for work locally), is an ad by EPCOR - Edmonton Power Corporation, the Alberta owners of the Mamquam IPP for 2 employees - one to manage their Mamquam Power Plant in Squamish and one to help with B.C. operations from Pemberton.

The Rutherford Creek IPP between Whistler and Pemberton is now owned by Innergex of Quebec. Similar out-of-province and foreign backing and/or ownership applies to most of the 500 run-of-the-river IPPs now in operation or application in B.C. How clear can it be that this power is ultimately not for British Columbians?

Rezoning the Ashlu for private power is just one more step toward our BC public power future going, going, gone.

Doug Morrison


Thank You SGH


We would like to take a minute to send a special thanks to the wonderful staff at the Squamish General Hospital; most notably Dr. Klein and Nurses Linda and Heather. On Jan. 14, only one day after her first birthday, our baby girl was hit with a nasty stomach virus that found us in and out of emergency for two days and then admitted for the three days that followed. The hospital staff were so gentle and caring with Gabbi; we knew we were in good hands. As terrible as it is to see your little one that ill, it is certainly reassuring to know that there are knowledgeable and compassionate health care workers in our community. I would also like to send our thanks to Dr. Rivers, Dr. Becker, and nurses, Karen, Adam, Monica and Jeanette! Thank you again for taking such good care of our precious little girl!

Amy & Josh Buchanan


Thanks to Trails Society


A big thank you to the Squamish Trails Society for coordinating the installation of a "poop scoop" bag dispenser at the entrance to Fisherman's park trail. The sandy river beach, and the dike walk to the Cheakamus river confluence are amongst the most scenic walks in Squamish, and certainly deserve the TLC. Thanks for the good work.

Stéphane Perron