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Letters to the editor

Councillor gives reasons for policy switch Editor, Re: "Forget policy", Editor's Notebook, Jan.

Councillor gives reasons for policy switch


Re: "Forget policy", Editor's Notebook, Jan. 13:

As one of the "flip-flop" members of Council referred to in last week's Chief, I feel I need to elaborate on my personal thoughts between adhering to the purchasing policy, or moving forward. While Squamish has good drinking water, I know that from time to time we experience boil water advisories. This was one of my personal reasons for running for Council.

In 2004, because of my interest in this matter, I took a photo of the Brennan Park water fountain. The sign on the fountain read: "PLEASE DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. BOIL ADVISORY IN EFFECT." It upsets me as a taxpayer that we can not be guaranteed clean, safe drinking water. For me, it has become a health matter.

In the course of discussing this topic, District staff presented a report that all works are budgeted for. The cost of the engineering is known to be competitive by comparison with the engineering costs of past wells. A 20 per cent discount was offered, given the engineer's knowledge of our water system. It is my understanding that no local contractors were affected by this decision.

While I support the purchasing policy, I believe that there are times when one must make exceptions and this was one of those times. As a new entrant into local politics, I am certainly learning that there is much to know about being on Council.

Mike Jenson

Councillor, District of Squamish

Vote for your choice


Re: "Hands off my ballot," The Chief, Dec. 30, 2005:

Thank you Paul Demers for bringing up the issue of strategic voting. I think that it is tragic that some people give up their democratic right and instead of voting for who they believe will serve themselves, their area and their country best, people vote for the lesser of two evils. If each person votes for who they want to get in not who they don't want to get in, this would be a true democracy and more accurately reflect the goals and objectives of Canadians, rather than merely an unpopularity contest. By strategic voting, Canadians are stroking the egos of the two parties who think they are the main contenders rather than voting in a democratic system where politicians are accountable for their actions and have to remain accountable in order to be reelected.I hope that each voter uses their vote to truly reflect who they think will be the best candidate for Squamish.

Danielle Raiser


Signs of disrespect


All political signs have been the latest targets of vandals - Liberal signs being hit the hardest.

Damaging political signs is a criminal offence and we hope that the RCMP would increase their vigilance to apprehend those responsible.

The political signs symbolize the basic freedom of our political process under which the community of Squamish would choose one MP who would take community issues to our national forum in Ottawa. This process does not deserve the harassment of such vandalism.

I hope that all parties would join in condemning this cowardly behaviour of some individual/s.

Mohammad Afsar


Nexen referendum?


Judging by the response that I have received with regards to my letter of a couple of weeks ago about the Nexen site, "Industrial verses residential use," I would suggest that it would be appropriate to consider a referendum to best gauge the wishes of the electorate.

It seems to me that this question is of enormous importance in defining the future of Squamish.

We have to retain an industrial base for jobs and taxes in the future.

Bill Jackson


Calling all therapists


This letter is addressed to all local massage therapists and spa owners interested in participating in a program currently being developed for the Sea to Sky corridor.

In conjunction with the women's shelter in Squamish, safe houses are being opened in Whistler and Pemberton. I am currently looking for therapists, spas, and clinics in each municipality who would like to donate one hour per week of their services and/or space for the purpose of providing massage to the women of the shelters.

Ideally this program could include such beneficial practices as yoga, meditation, holistic health, esthetics, among others. Any professionals involved in these industries are also encouraged to offer their services for this endeavor.

I believe this to be the ultimate opportunity for therapists to be able to apply their gifts of nurturing and healing as an important tool in rebuilding the women's' self esteem and hope for the future.

For more information please contact me at 604-932-2199.

Monica Geniele