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LETTER: A cautionary Squamish tale

I’m still shaking with anger at myself for being distracted and the thief for being so evil.

I went to the bank to check that I had enough in the account to handle the end of month bills. I did not.

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I decided to go into the bank and check further when I noticed I hadn’t completed the transaction at the machine. I went back for my card.

It wasn’t there. I frantically checked my wallets and my purse. Nadda. So, I went into the bank and waited in line to inform the teller that my card was missing.

Perhaps 20 minutes had transpired. When the clerk checked the account, already six purchases had been made. Within 20 minutes, at the Chieftain Mall, the thief had gone to several stores in the mall, racking up $300  on the card.

If I or you had found that someone had inadvertently left their bank card in the slot, we’d have said, “You’ve left your card” and we would have laughed and retrieved it.

 One doesn’t expect dishonesty or thievery in Squamish.

The card was a tap one. The person who stole it didn’t even have to know my number. Even so, if they were professional thieves, they may have watched me put in my numbers.  I’ve since had my card replaced and the tap feature removed. Who knows if I’ll ever get any of my money back?

I’m a senior on the pension and can ill afford to lose that much money.

The camera in the bank, one hopes, will expose who did this. But by then, they’ll be long gone.

Make sure you take the tap from your card. It makes it easier for petty thieves.

Unfortunately, in this world, there are people who lack a conscience. I’ve met con-artists in the past. They find a way to shift the blame onto others. No excuse gives them the right to steal from someone else. We are responsible for our own actions.  Bad Karma for them. But, at my expense.

Melody Wales


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