LETTER: A thank you for the shy in Squamish | Squamish Chief

LETTER: A thank you for the shy in Squamish

Some have told me they would die of embarrassment if they were mentioned in the paper for their decades of good deeds — for example raising money through bottle collection for Hilltop House, baking for the Squamish youth centre, or giving countless volunteer hours to pull off beloved local events like Squamish Logger Sports.

So, you will remain un-named, but not unappreciated.

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I also think of those who give their time and talents to support the Squamish Hospital Foundation.

I’m sure there are many others, especially seniors, in our community who have given so much over the years.

So, when I go out on the deck to “thank the helpers” at 7 p.m. with my toddler and husband, and we make our racket to thank all the helpers in this COVID-19 pandemic, I am also thanking you: the faithful, quietly generous, and kind helpers of Squamish who have always been behind the scenes.

Catherine Wilson


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