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LETTER: About a theatre for Squamish

Thank you for your column, published Jan. 23 about the lack of a movie theatre in Squamish, by Steven Chua.

 I agree. It is ridiculous that we don’t have one. Both older and younger locals would all benefit from it. The Sea to Sky Gondola, under difficult circumstances, did a great job in trying to initiate an outdoors drive-in movie experience. We need more of that. 

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 But, we also need a five and 10-pin bowling alley for young and older folks; a the resurrection of the bowling green; a place for playing darts, snooker, billiards, ping-pong, etc. — combined with a coffee shop and maybe a small pub. I have lived in other communities where all of these have existed or co-existed, creating a sense of conviviality, connectedness, and friendliness, which are fast disappearing in Squamish, if they ever really existed. Squamish is a great outdoors place, but frankly it lags severely in providing access to non-biking, non-climbing activities, which everyone can enjoy, young or old,  in all sorts of weather at all times of the year.

There is so little to do in Squamish in an evening.

Squamish can’t support a movie theatre like the last one with five theatres, which, frankly catered to only one segment of the community.

Overall the community, including council, developers, and the chamber need to look at Squamish more holistically and consider what other communities are doing to make local life, not just the outdoors components, thoroughly enjoyable, connective, and communal.

Theodora Carroll


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