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LETTER: About Squamish’s plastics

I read with great interest the article about keeping plastic bags in Squamish, “Squamish to keep plastic bags” (Sept. 19).

I appreciate all the research that went into making the decision.  I do, however, think council is missing the point.

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 It is documented that autopsies done on whales, seals and other sea creatures have discovered stomachs full of plastic, mostly bags.  

I’ve become very skeptical about recycling after the news broke about how first-world countries “dispose” of our plastic garbage by sending it overseas. 

Also, recycling is not made easy for us, with batteries here, glass there, and others that might be divided at the GFL depot only to be dumped into the landfill by the company.

I’d also like to know who might receive the 10 cents that is charged for each plastic bag.  Will it go to cleaning up the oceans?   Will it go to research to try to find a substance that will be safe for the environment?

Can humans possibly unmake the mess that has become a scourge?

 Sometimes, to do the correct thing, it’s going to cost more.  Please rethink this policy.

Carol Grolman

Editor’s note: The fees charged for the bags will be kept by the companies.

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