LETTER: About that fentanyl package

I would like to comment on your story of Thursday, March 21, “Squamish mom finds fentanyl-filled package near elementary school,” in which it was revealed that a mom found a package containing the drug fentanyl near Squamish Elementary School.

This after a few weeks earlier children in Saanich found discarded hypodermic needles and used them as darts.

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What really bothers me about this is that there is no public outcry about it.

Children, my grandkids included, could have died, but we seem to worry more about cats and dogs in Canada than children.

What will it take for fellow Canadians to wake up to the fact that our so-called justice system is totally corrupt and letting criminals go free?

What our present justice system does is called aiding and abetting.

What we need is to stop the bleeding-heart approach and get tough with drug pusher and users alike.

For starters, let us scrap the so-called lawyer goldmine called the Charter of rights and freedoms.

We never had problems like we have today before Trudeau the first rammed it down our throats. Oh, Canada what do we stand on guard for?

Paul Soukup

**Please note, an earlier publication of this letter confused which Trudeau the writer was referring to in the last line. This has been corrected.



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