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LETTER: About the Squamish Canyon project

In response to Nick Gottlieb’s letter in The Chief, published Jan. 9, I wish to present the facts as the project lead and local resident creating the Squamish Canyon project.

Fact: the existing established public trail will be kept open and free to the public and upgraded to prevent erosion and increase safety.

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Fact: existing public viewing platform will be accessible and free to the public and have unobstructed views of the waterfall.

Fact: we have been working with the local volunteers that have built and maintained the existing trails in the area. They support the project and have been working with us to move forward.

Fact: almost the entire area/forest is zoned residential, as is almost all surrounding land. Squamish Canyon has spent the last five years working with the local logging community, provincial government and Squamish Nation to divert the beautiful forest from being logged and taken out of residential zoning designation.

Fact: our province, country and town are promoting people to visit this area and we need to create more low impact, safe outdoor experiences for our current and future visitors. We must be proactive, not reactive.

Fact: yes we will have a small concession tucked in the forest at the entrance, providing local food and drink and a zero-waste initiative. This will be for all visitors and local recreationists throughout the area.

Fact: current issues in this area are not being adequately addressed; from human waste, illegal dumping, illegal camping causing fires, road improvements, safety signage, lower speed limits and preservation of more green space. These are issues Squamish Canyon is taking head-on. This entire project is solution-oriented towards a better, sustainable community with positive growth and balance.

Fact: this is a local company, with local owners, creating local jobs, protecting local green space, with a dedication to supporting and giving back to local initiatives that support environmental protection, habitat enhancement education, trails and much more.

We encourage people to visit our website (squamishcanyon.ca) for more information and to please contact us with any questions or concerns or just for the facts.

Robin Sherry,
Squamish Canyon

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