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LETTER: Action needed at Pond

Seems we have fallen prey to old habits again. When we cut off the seawater to the Bridge Pond, we are in essence cutting off the lifeblood to the Squamish Estuary which supports many species least of which is our salmon. This is an essential area for the rearing of young salmon during the most venerable start of their life cycle. Constancy in regards to tidal exchange here is most important of all.

Please have the situation rectified immediately by staff.

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John Buchanan


Editor’s note: The Chief received this reply from the District’s Gary Buxton:

“The District is very much aware of the need to provide tidewater to the estuary. We are currently dealing with mechanical failure of two of the five flap gates that control flows, so roughly 40% of our capacity is unavailable. Leaving the gates in the open position is not an option as it exposes the community to unnecessary flood risk.

Unfortunately, late in 2019, one motor for the gates failed. A new motor was ordered. It recently arrived and we are preparing to install it. Unfortunately a second motor also recently failed, resulting in the current situation. We have subsequently ordered a second replacement motor.”

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