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LETTER: Basics before more growth in Squamish

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to District of  Squamish council and copied to The Chief.

As we build more housing and associated infrastructure in this rapidly expanding town, as a taxpayer I would appreciate it if the basics were taken care of first. Specifically, snow removal on critical neighbourhood infrastructure and connectivity.

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I think it’s atrocious that the only sidewalk from Valleycliffe/Hospital Hill is covered in deep snow in the most critical area, that being the bridge over the Mamquam Blind Channel (and northward in front of the Squamish Inn).

It has been several days since the snow stopped falling, yet it seems the public works department is waiting for the rain to take care of the remaining snow.

This should be one of the first priorities as it is, again, the only paved connection to downtown and pedestrians are forced to walk on the shoulder of Highway 99.  Imagine those with mobility issues navigating this area? There is no excuse.

Peter Winter


The District sent The Chief the following statement about this issue:

The Corridor Trail is the responsibility of the District, and the bridge structure falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Highways so Miller Capilano is responsible for maintenance, including shovelling. 

We always appreciate citizens being extra eyes and ears for our crews, helping to inform when an area requires service.

The District will connect with Miller Capilano in order to discuss backup plans for this particular section to avoid this situation in the future.

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