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LETTER: Clarity needed on the bridge

I am writing with reference to a June 18 article in your paper entitled: “Council approves pedestrian bridge to Squamish’s downtown.”

It is regrettable that council would approve the spending of an annual amount on the forever future cost of maintenance that staff reportedly puts in the $170,000 to $300,000” range.

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One would be laughed right out of the office if, as an engineer, one presented this kind of range for the purpose of making a binding, long term, decision.

Who would proceed with a household amenity project when one only were given a wild guess regarding its cost? No prudent homeowner would, so neither should the municipality.

As a red herring, the increase of the bridge construction cost was pointed out as though that was of any concern to the ratepayer — the developer will pay for it as part of their marketing cost.

Not long ago, another developer also paid for a public amenity that has fallen into disuse because of excessive maintenance cost: a lawn bowling green for which the cost of maintenance would be a tiny fraction of what we are talking about here.

The Waterfront developer would perhaps want to come to the table to discuss a compromise: build a fixed pedestrian/bike trestle parallel to the CN rail bridge.

Agreed, it would not be as convenient to reach the muni hall for paying the ever-increasing property taxes, but closer to what counts mostly: grocery stores and cafés.

Herbert Vesely


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