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LETTER: Crash condolences

I am writing to express my deep sadness and concern for the families; specifically — the two children whose lives have been forever changed by events taking place this weekend on Whistler’s highways.

My tears and sadness for the parents, children and families who fell victim to this collision pales in comparison to the horror their own worlds have become.

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I am a part-time resident of Whistler, and I am a mother.

Walking on Sunday morning, I was gutted to see the grotesque display of fast cars from the Hublot Diamond car rally showcased out on a promenade — after the news of Saturday’s tragic and very serious accident that left the highway closed for hours.

From my understanding, six people were injured, including two children. I cannot pretend to imagine the insult those families would feel seeing what I did today — their world has come to a crashing stop.... but the car rally? It must go on?

As I watched people take selfies with the cars and admire them in all their glory, I couldn’t help but wonder — why is no one paying vigilance or respect to those that are in hospital, the victims that were affected? Where was the empathy? The care? The sense of a community coming together?

I also don’t understand the logic of holding a car rally on one of the busiest commuting weekends of the year, on one of the most dangerous highways in B.C. Seems like a bit of backward thinking to me.

Labour Day weekend is a time that our B.C. highways are full of commuters and families making their way home from summer getaways, excited for the beginning of school, new routines, jobs — the changing of seasons. If thought had been put into this rally, the highway should have been closed for the duration of the day — or better yet — take it to the race track. I am no genius but this is just basic safety logic.

Imagine your family packing up your car, children resting in the back seat, tired from a long day of activities. That quiet moment glancing in your rear view mirror thinking, “I would bottle up this moment with them forever.” And then, crash.

Your life will never be the same.

My soul hurts for those families.

The Hublot Diamond car rally should be banned from our community, our local roads and safety should be a priority. The funds raised this year should go towards the families facing life-changing circumstances

Allison Gibault,


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