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LETTER: Give Squamish seniors respect

It has come to my attention that the senior centre (The 55 activity centre) has been slated to become the gathering place for the youth.

As I understand, the seniors have not been consulted on this matter.

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A senior’s centre is for seniors. Seniors are people who have lived long lives, during which they have contributed to the community in which they live.

As seniors here in Squamish, we would like to be respected, in the same way as our Aboriginal neighbours respect their Elders.

We would like to be consulted, and be part of the decision making, in matters of our senior centre.

It is correct that the centre is not running at full capacity, this I see as foresight in the planning and building of the centre — we have room for growth that is needed in our community, a community that is growing every year.

I understand that a new youth building is underway, reason being that the plumbing is no longer working and that the new building will be completed in two to three years.

I suggest that instead of uprooting the youth from their present place, everyone would win if a toilet trailer were placed adjacent to the existing facility. In this way, the youngsters will have easy access to their skate park and continue to use their familiar gathering place.

I have been teaching at the senior centre for the past four years.

Please let the centre grow for the seniors, please do not undermine seniors

Everyone will one day be a senior, and they will then like to have a tranquil place to go to.

Lone Tratt


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