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LETTER: Highway 99 scary for drivers, too

I just finished reading “How safe is it to ride the Sea to Sky Highway?,” published Aug. 11 online, and as a non-biker, I can tell you, that highway is just as scary for a driver sometimes.

If you’re not a biker, you have no idea about the comfortable distance from bikers at high speeds and the effect of wind.

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I may be used to passing a biker going 20 km in Kitsilano but going 80 km uphill, passing a biker? What am I supposed to do.? If I slow right down, as he wobbles on a really steep part, I could get rear-ended and cause a terrible accident, with the worst outcome for the biker.

Other bikers are very knowledgeable about how to pass, like my husband who gives me tips.

Perhaps driving schools and driving road tests should include a section on how to drive alongside and pass bikers — teach us biking road etiquette.

We could all benefit from that, bikers, and car drivers.

The biking community should lobby for this.

Kathleen Mooney
West Vancouver

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