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LETTER: Hot tub concerns

Over the years, I have been witnessing the gradual deterioration of our whirlpool in the Brennan Park Recreation Centre. What was once a vibrant whirlpool that provided us with lively massages of invaluable therapeutic value, is now more like an old river with its vibrancy gone and the water barely moving.

 Our whirlpool has provided us with great help during all these years: it has been helpful before orthopedic surgery, after orthopedic surgery, after accidents, and to alleviate the pains and aches due to aging.

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Please, let us restore our whirlpool so that it is like other public whirlpools in British Columbia.

-Ernesto Garcia



Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to Mayor Karen Elliott, but copied to The Chief. The paper reached out to the District of Squamish for a reply to these concerns and received the following statement:

“The hot tub is not experiencing any issues.

The Brennan Park Aquatic Centre undergoes a complete preventative maintenance each year to inspect for damage and regular wear, and to ensure we are operating within recommended health and safety guidelines. During this time, the pools and hot tub are drained, scrubbed and cleaned. With regards to water clarity, a UV system was installed in 2017 that significantly improved the quality of the water. No work has been done in recent years that would affect the flow or forcefulness of the water in the hot tub.

We’d like to invite the letter writer to get in touch with us through Brennan Park Recreation Centre. Maintenance staff would be happy to discuss their concerns.”

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