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LETTER: Life will go on

People tend to think of history as in the past, yet we are living one of those events that will be retold. As an unwavering optimist and student of history, I know we will overcome this challenging time.

In this age of speed, everything moves faster than we can comprehend.

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We can communicate quicker than we can think sometimes. We consume more than we can absorb.

And travel farther and quicker than a sunset.

We have learned many lessons from this.

Nature doesn’t recognize borders, governments, or species.

Our constant drive for growth can consume even ourselves.

Humanity has survived many pandemics and plagues before — and without the knowledge of modern science, medicine, and information.

This time will pass and life will go on. Hopefully, changes will be made in our view of the world and our place in it.

Support those around you, the community, and those in need.

Rob Weys


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