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LETTER: More about trauma and yoga in Squamish

Your article “What is trauma informed yoga,” in the Nov. 28th edition of The Chief is wonderful. It is great to see more information about this trauma-informed care more available to the public.

There are a few things that, as a practitioner who specializes in trauma care in the community, I think would be helpful for your readers to know. There is a difference between trauma-informed work (whether bodywork, movement, counselling) and trauma recovery work.

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Trauma-informed practitioners are sensitive to working with people who have had trauma and have the skills to support people in therapeutic environments. It can often be a big part of trauma recovery. Trauma recovery work is when a practitioner has had training and skills to help the renegotiation of trauma so that it may be resolved. This training is a typical extension of other training in various modalities. An example of such training is somatic experiencing.

There are a few practitioners in Squamish and Whistler who have taken this somatic experiencing trauma renegotiating training, including myself.

Erica Otto,

Violet Quartz Wellness Owner,


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