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LETTER: More youth in the paper, please

In the June 25th issue of The Squamish Chief, were two refreshing letters from Don Ross School students. After reading both of them, I decided to write too.

I have an idea!

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It is unfortunate that the newspaper was recycled before I got both your names. Both letters were gold.

Ava Gill, your idea for more newspaper articles on climate change is so needed. As I read the current issues, they are filled with pages of the thoughts and reportings of the adult mind and world and something is missing.

Area students, meanwhile, are researching, learning, experimenting and envisioning change in our community and beyond!

It is the students, whose voices and visions we are open to hearing.

They have the potential, drive, and vision to say what this world looks like to them and to offer and inspire change!

So, my suggestion is this: that local schools, including high schools, are invited to offer articles for consideration and that one is included in each edition.

To work with the schools as part of their curriculum, developing writing skills to go out into the world as a way of having their voices heard, finding ways to get their solutions out into the world, not 10 years from now, but mow.

They are the voices of many, who, at present, have little say in how things will be. We cannot wait for them to be ‘adults’ to hear what gems of wisdom they carry. They are here to make a difference and are a link to the future leadership of our community — and beyond.

I urge The Chief to consider taking on their voice as one to be shared.

Pat Robinson



Editor’s note: The Chief’s newsroom staff has gone out to engage with youth in classrooms for years and will continue to. We also always welcome letters and opinions from youth. Submissions can be sent to editor@squamishchief.com.

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