LETTER: No shortage

On Jan. 22 your paper published the online article, “B.C.’s skilled labour shortage about to become acute.”

I would like to respond to the article by saying that I believe there is not a shortage, you are looking in the wrong places. 

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With the downturn in the oil industry, there is an excess of skilled workers who would take on such projects across Canada. 

As an example. When Fort McMurray was booming, a tradesman from as far away as Newfoundland traveled to work there.  Your article sends a message to your readers that no one in Canada is available or skilled for this kind of work. A simple call will have trained and experienced tradesmen on the doorstep of their projects. It is not something that is new for us to have to travel for our employment. Why would anyone bring in foreign tradesmen when there are hundreds of skilled Canadian tradesmen out of work right now?

Richard Miller

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

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