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LETTER: No, to the workcamp in Britannia

“Woodfibre LNG Temporary Worker site adds 30,000 to the Squamish population overnight!”

How would the people of Squamish react? Shock. How could the representatives of their region ever agree to such a disruption to their community?

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Well, that is exactly what we in Britannia Beach are dealing with, as the SLRD council seriously consider a proposal to grant a temporary land use permit to create barracks for 550 Woodfibre LNG migrant workers.

Right in the heart of a close-knit and quiet community of just 330 people.

That is the equivalent to adding 30,000 temporary migrant workers to Squamish and its 21,000 residents.

Our way of life, our community services, and our safety would all be in jeopardy.

To our friends in Squamish, we need your help to find a better solution.

Just for perspective, adding 550 temporary workers to Squamish is a 3 per cent increase or equivalent to adding just 10 people to Britannia Beach.

Here are two alternative options: The LNG project could rent a cruise ship, easily able to house and entertain the 550 workers closer to the worksite.

Minimal disruption to lifestyle, traffic flow and services for Squamish and area.

Alternatively, SLRD could facilitate or approve incremental housing construction paid for by the project, that could then add to the housing supply needed in the next decade as Squamish continues its growth.

Being incremental, it would not compromise the tight rental availability in Squamish.

But let’s work together to find a better solution than sacrificing your small quiet neighbour to the south.

Doug Brownridge

Britannia Beach

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