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LETTER: Not a fan of that Ingrid Rice cartoon


That was the word that came to mind when I saw the Ingrid Rice “cartoon” in today’s paper [ “When parallel universes collide,” published June 18.]

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Children should never, ever be told to be afraid of a police officer.

What were you thinking?

An officer is there to serve and protect and I find that here in Squamish we are extremely lucky with our officers.

Every shift they leave their homes to deal with whatever comes their way, and hope, yes hope, to go home safely each day to their families, but you never know.

I know that we have all seen the stories of the bad apples on the force, but there are bad apples everywhere. So please, don’t tar all officers with the same brush.

So thank you to all members of Squamish detachment for your service to our community.

Joan Forry

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