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LETTER: ‘Orwellian’ action on cannabis businesses

I am writing about the story, “Product seized from two Squamish cannabis dispensaries: Enforcement action taken on 99 North and Grassroots Medicinal Tuesday,” published in The Chief on Nov. 7.

In their infinite wisdom, the Orwellian-named Community Safety Unit destroyed two tax-paying businesses, which provided a much needed and appreciated service to members of the Squamish community, as well as providing fair and equitable employment.

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Both dispensaries supplied more than smokable cannabis — supposedly now legal in Canada  — they additionally provided relief for those of us who suffer chronic pain.

I work on my feet and suffer from tendonitis and arthritis in my feet: the CBD balm provided by the dispensaries proved the most effective, least harmful, remedy for these conditions.

In the wake of the destruction of these two businesses I will again be swallowing handfuls of ibuprofen to
get through the day.

99 North and Grassroots Medicinal were both operated in a professional and caring manner, sensitive to the concerns of their immediate neighbours and the community at large: membership at Grassroots Medicinal was predicated upon verifiable proof of medical need.

All, however, was for naught in the face of the government juggernaut, whose sole concern seems reaping as much profit as possible from the legalization
of marijuana.

Thank you Grassroots Medicinal and 99 North, you will be sorely missed: let us hope this is only a temporary setback. Perhaps the Community Safety Unit should confine themselves to pulling the wings off flies.

Paul Horton

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