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LETTER: Praise for The 55 and District

Editor’s note: The Dickson’s daughter is the District’s director of library services. 

We are new residents of Squamish; having arrived in October to be closer to family.

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From Day 1 we have been pleasantly surprised and made to feel very welcome by almost everyone we have met. People are proud of their community and very willing and open to share it with newcomers.

We are heartened by friendly people in stores, on streets and trails who quickly make eye contact and offer a cheery greeting.

It has been very comforting for we two retired newcomers who came with strong trepidation to make a new start.

We are impressed with the range of activities offered for all residents through the District of Squamish Recreation Department. Such a broad offering would be hard to match in any community of similar size and we are grateful the District invests so much of its resources in making this a better place.

It is obvious the District has a history of supporting all segments of the Squamish community.

We are especially impressed in The 55 Activity Centre where a lot of activities for seniors are held. It is truly a gem of a facility. The District has worked with the Squamish Seniors Society to secure the space for the exclusive use of seniors and it seems this has been a very beneficial partnership for both the District and the society.

The District is in the process of maximizing the use of its limited facilities to benefit the majority of its residents, which is the mandate of all local governments.

From a recent story and letter in the paper [“Seniors worried they’re losing space at The 55” and the letter “Seniors centre no longer for seniors,” both published April 30] it seems these initiatives have caused some friction with members of the society who have been consulted on the organization of The 55 Centre over the years.

It is difficult for us as newcomers to challenge things that have been instituted in the past but we have learned over our advancing years that society is always in a state of change and that successive generations must be nimble and responsive enough to meet all things not anticipated.

One has only to note where our federal and provincial governments have come in the past two months to see that nothing is written in stone.

We commend the efforts by the District to utilize all facilities for the greater good of all citizens and offer support for any initiatives to build a more inclusive community in the best interests of all.

We understand how some members of the community are upset at the District’s direction but wish to point out those opinions do not represent our views.

In the meantime, we look forward to being freed from our social isolation so we can continue to meet the friendly folks of Squamish.

Ross and Judy Dickson


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