LETTER: Seniors centre no longer for seniors in Squamish | Squamish Chief

LETTER: Seniors centre no longer for seniors in Squamish

When is a seniors’ centre no longer a seniors’ centre?

When is it renamed “The 55,” which is more akin to the name of a hip dance club than a seniors centre.

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When the members are no longer consulted on their wishes and aspirations for the centre.

When kids are admitted, making it feel like your neighbourhood daycare.

When youth, including some at risk, are allowed to use the facility in a manner completely at odds with seniors’ wishes.

When seniors are asked for their program suggestions and then, when these are provided, totally ignoring them.

When programming is offered that does not fully engage the seniors’ population it is supposed to serve.

When food served by the kitchen is “healthy food” that seniors refuse to eat.

When you stop serving meaningful food because the engaging of a ‘chef’ is entangled in far too much bureaucracy.

When, after lengthy negotiations, you come to agreements with the seniors — and then ignore them.

When determining that the centre is underutilized without first making a concerted effort to introduce programming that meets the needs of seniors.

When ageism is all-pervasive within management.

When fundraising efforts by the seniors are downplayed in their importance to the community.

When art programs entirely initiated and funded by the seniors are hijacked by management as one of their own initiatives.

When it is made increasingly difficult to hold the crucially important social functions organized by volunteers for the benefit of the seniors of Squamish.

Herbert Vesely

On behalf of the Squamish Seniors Centre Advisory Board

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