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LETTER: Short pain, not long

Most of us understand the necessity for this latest two-week restriction on social gatherings. Many of us are concerned with the possible long-term implications this can have on civilian life.

Last March, officials declared a state of emergency and instituted a two-week lockdown. The continuing surge of COVID necessitated extending this measure. Even when health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry declared on April 17 that the “curve had flattened,” the temporary measures were not relaxed for another month. Perhaps officials needed additional time to observe and plan a proper re-opening, but some believe these measures may well have been extended were it not for the ensuing protests.

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Certainly, nobody wants to believe Premier John Horgan nor Henry have any pleasure exercising control for control’s sake — that given this crisis, they have absolutely no option but to impose legal measures unthinkable anywhere but in a police state.

Families and friends are no longer free to see each other and loved ones aren’t allowed to be hugged. People lose their livelihood and income. Vacation plans are scuttled. And once-popular public spaces or activities are now cancelled and closed. People who try to take a step back into normalcy aren’t just slapped with fines, they are demonized as selfish and inconsiderate, and are a threat to public health.

Nobody wants to believe this is their vision and plan for society, even for the short-haul.

But we cannot be blind to reality. History has shown how certain nations under severe crises had enacted temporary government measures, only to blossom into full-blown and permanent tyrannical regimes. It once took a global war to defeat what was supposed to be an “emergency dictatorship.” It’s unlikely this is Horgan’s plan, but people need to understand that his actions could set a precedent making possible the unimaginable here in the free world. Does he want that to happen?

There is no question we have a crisis on our hands and must do everything to stop it. But it need not change our world forever.

So come Dec. 10, barring an uncontrollable outbreak, kindly and legally remind our leaders it’s time to rescind this temporary measure. Remind them you sacrificed Thanksgiving for a shot at Christmas. And do your part to take away any excuse to extend the measure. Besides masking, distancing, and washing, since we have no vaccine, search for natural and homeopathic items that  may help ease COVID-19 symptoms.

Joshua Lee

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