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LETTER: Should be in the Discover Squamish story, too

Ah, the wonderful world of dogs. It’s Sunday morning here at The Ranch and most of the dogs are pretty tired out from the regular Saturday party. A dozen or so are eating breakfast in our house. Some are resting on the deck and several are running and playing hard (almost silently) with one of the few people I trust them with in our over 40,000 sq. feet of yards. And a couple, here for doggie daycare for the first time and who have a little separation anxiety, are exploring the house and hanging out with the kids to help them relax. So I have a rare few moments to write.

Recently I was informed about an article in The Chief’s Discover Squamish magazine. The article, “Squamish has gone to the dogs,” lists most every dog boarding, doggy daycare and dog training service in town but somehow fails to mention one of the largest, and arguably best facility, located in the centre of the community. It can be found immediately on Google.

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I understand stuff happens. I’m sure it’s not the most important thing in the newspaper. Although it’s hard to believe there’s anything more important than dogs!

We have no website and, except for a couple of flyers, have spent no time or money on advertising or gimmicks. We provide a safe, secure way to exercise and socialize dogs with zero impact on the forest and trails and have had great success in helping dogs with problem behaviours including helping dozens of dogs that could not be helped by other trainers before coming to us.

We use our own method, developed through over half a century of experience and based on the belief that all dogs are hardwired to want to be good and only need to be communicated to correctly.

Although we are very rarely close to capacity, because we have so much room, we usually, but not always, barely keep up with the demand.

Peter Cox
The Country Ranch Dog Boarding and Training

Editor’s note: The reporter for the piece did contact Peter Cox by phone regarding his business and Cox said he was too busy at that time. Ultimately, the reporter moved on to more readily available business owners.

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