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LETTER: Squamish Access Society does not condone climbing now

We are grateful to The Chief and other media outlets for getting the word out, but we remained concerned that with the recent  Easter weekend, combining with excellent weather,  we might see an increased visitor count to Squamish so undertook measures to monitor the situation.

One SAS director volunteered to do a walkthrough of the most popular lower part of Smoke Bluffs Park midday on each of the four days of the holiday. Also, we asked a climber whose home is directly above the ever-popular Burgers and Fries crag and very close to the other busy area of Neat and Cool, to monitor the activity there and elsewhere, during his daily walks in the Bluffs.

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We are happy to report that during this period, the parking lot was lightly occupied and no climbing activity was observed at the sites noted above.

That said, we recognize that 100% compliance would be unrealistic and doubtless there will be some local climbers active in the upper regions of Smoke Bluffs and elsewhere in the Squamish area.

SAS would, therefore, like to thank the climbing community for stepping up to plate, in large numbers, to help combat this historic challenge.

Brian Moorhead

Vice-chair, Squamish Access Society

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