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LETTER: Squamish Access Society supports reconciliation

In light of recent media attention, and after consultation with the District of Squamish and the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, the board members of the Squamish Access Society (SAS) would like to make a public statement about SAS’s position on land transfers from the Crown to the Squamish Nation (“Land Transfers”).

 SAS supports the return of land to the Squamish Nation. Our understanding is that the land transfers are a small piece of a country-wide reconciliation effort.

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SAS supports the goals of reconciliation and a mutually respectful relationship between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in this country.

 SAS’s mandate is to protect access to the climbing crags and resources in Squamish. With respect to land transfers, SAS hopes to build respectful relationships with the Squamish Nation, with the goal of enhanced mutual understanding respecting land use. It is our hope that we may engage positively with the Squamish Nation to understand their view of the transferred land. We hope to find ways to collaboratively co-exist on the land that we have had the distinct privilege to enjoy for many years.

Brian Moorhead

Squamish Access Society

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