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LETTER: Squamish council, don’t up zone Crumpit Woods

Editor’s note: This letter refers to proposed bylaw amendment NO. 2722, 2020 for the Crumpit North area of Valleycliffe. It would permit low rise apartment dwellings or neighbourhood commercial up to a maximum height of eight metres, and up to a maximum density of 12 units per hectare.

I am against this proposal for the following reasons:

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1. Why up-zone in this location?

This up zoning produces a multifamily zone at the periphery of the community.

A similar development/up-zoning request for the Cheema lands had been refused until our population reaches a certain level.

Why is this acceptable at  Crumpit-North when not acceptable for the Cheema lands?

The nearest multi-unit residential zone is at the commercial centre of Valleycliffe. If more zoning of this type in Valleycliffe is deemed to be in the public interest should it not be adjacent to the existing multi-unit residential zone with closer proximity to services and schools?

2. Restricted access

There is presently only one access to this land-via the already overloaded Clarke Drive intersection with Highway 99, and Westway Avenue, which also serves 2 schools.

No up zoning should be considered until a second access is completed, for example from Finch Drive.

3. Preliminary subdivision plan?

How is one to make an intelligent comment if one has no information what potentially a subdivision plan might look like?

For example, will a multifamily dwelling be allowed directly adjacent to the newish single-family

zoned neighbourhoods created only in 2003 (Ravens Plateau) and 2016 (Crumpit Woods)?

4. Recreational opportunities lost

Much of this land is hillside and has outstanding bike trails that clearly ought to be preserved in our “Hardwired for Adventure” community. Would it not be easier to maintain these trail if the existing single-family zoning were retained?

Herbert Vesely


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