LETTER: Squamish gas shouldn’t be more expensive

Having lived in Squamish for over 15 years, it has been my pleasure to enjoy the lower gas prices here as we are not part of the GVRD tax grab on fuel. We are (to the best of my knowledge) approximately 17 cents a litre taxed less than the GVRD. Hence the savings.

More recently, though, our prices have crept up toward the same as Vancouver. It seems like greed. Prices in the GVRD have been dropping fairly steadily due to the rebuilding of the capacity in our region. Today I drove past the station at the south end of town priced at $143.9/ litre. I bought gas in West Van for $129.9/litre. West Van is often higher than Vancouver.
I am told Abbotsford prices are around $1.20/L.

A difference of 14 cents. I take about 70 litres to fill so that equates to $7.28 for one tank-full. Multiply that by the number of vehicles just in Squamish and that equals a lot for one day.
Could you consider putting some info in your paper to point out the costs that we pay for fuel and the apparent greed the fuel companies
charge us?

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I personally like to support local businesses but it is getting tiresome and costly.
Thanks for your time.

Bill Bridge


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