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LETTER: The business of masks in Squamish

Shop owners, please pay attention.

I applaud the many businesses in our town who have valiantly adapted to the new normal in our lives.

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Most have put measures in place to protect both staff and customers, offering easily accessible hand sanitizer and Plexiglas barriers.

Many staff are wearing masks.

As a customer, I appreciate these efforts to protect us all and support the necessary increased costs.

However, some have done nothing at all to address COVID-19 concerns.

I recently entered a tiny shop where it is almost impossible to distance, found no barriers, no hand sanitizer and staff were not wearing masks. As a vulnerable senior, my anxiety in such places escalates. The message I get is that my health and the health of the staff are of little concern.

I have always preferred to shop local, but, for the foreseeable future will be making purchases online rather than risking my health and that of those who work in environments where no safety measures have been put in place.

Fran Wilson

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