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LETTER: Totem Hall July 1 event postponed

In the summer of 1993. a group of youth traveled across Canada on a bus called Peace Bus 1993. They came from diverse backgrounds and their mission was to foster friendship between the many different peoples that make up our great country. Squamish was a stop along the way where they were hosted by the Squamish Nation and spent one night bunking down at the old Totem Hall. Gwen Harry and Donna Billy put out a call to local church and religious groups to help with food and hospitality. The local Sikh and Baha’i Communities responded and something wonderful was set in motion. Everyone had such a good time, sharing food, stories and music.

Friendships were forged and all decided that this coming together to share and celebrate each other’s diversity must continue. Multicultural Day at Squamish Totem Hall was born. Over the years other faith and cultural groups have joined in the celebrations allowing for a more diverse expression of faith and culture but one thing remains constant — a time to share and celebrate together. It was decided that Canada Day was a good time to host this annual event and so for the past 25 years this is when it was hosted.

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It is with regret that we must announce that we are unable to host the event this July 1. However, we plan on hosting the event later in October and hope to enjoy the same wonderful participation that has been a hallmark of the event.

Donna Billy, of the Squamish Nation

Geraldine Guilfoyle, of the Squamish Multifaith Association

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