LETTER: We need the COVID-19 numbers for Squamish | Squamish Chief

LETTER: We need the COVID-19 numbers for Squamish

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to MLA Jordan Sturdy and copied to The Chief

I would like to request that the location of COVID-19 cases be made public. Children are returning to school this week, yet parents don’t have enough information. We need to know how many cases there are in Squamish before we allow our kids to go into buildings with others.

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The school board has stated that parents can make their decision on sending kids to school based on how comfortable they are; do they mean a hunch, a feeling? Parents need facts.

Personally, I have three teens and a tween at home. It would have been very helpful in the last weeks to discuss with them community outbreaks, as another reason to follow safe practices.

Linnea Voss


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