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Liberal candidate talks LNG

Pam Goldsmith-Jones shares her thoughts on Woodfibre


Residents of Howe Sound are both supportive and have sincere concerns about the Woodfibre LNG proposal.  While it is important to recognize the role that natural resources play in our economy, the province and the communities of Howe Sound have committed significant time, energy and money in establishing Howe Sound as the outdoor recreation capital of the world.  In this context, the LNG proposal should stand the test of how well it fits with our region and our booming recreation and tourism economy.

I am concerned about the unanswered questions of locating an LNG terminal in an inlet, in the heart of one of Canada’s top recreation areas.  The District of Squamish is partway through a comprehensive, facilitated effort to understand the benefits and risks of Woodfibre LNG.  Gibsons, Lions Bay and the Sunshine Coast Regional District are opposed.  West Vancouver Council, like its  neighbours, is exercising caution and will debate the matter further in September.  

In a recent newspaper advertisement, John Weston, the Conservative MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country said he is “unimpressed” with West Vancouver Council. 

A Member of Parliament’s job is to represent the broad views of constituents.  Our communities are asking for a voice in the process, and I stand with them.

Pam Goldsmith-Jones

Candidate, Liberal Party of Canada

West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea to Sky Country