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Opinion: What are you doing to make an impact on others, Squamish?

'How am I leaving a legacy? Well, to be honest, I don’t know yet.'
Grant Boguski column(1)
Grant Boguski.

Your legacy matters. Everyone has the opportunity to make an impact on the ones around them, and everyone has the ability to make a difference in the world — it’s just the way you use those opportunities.

Think firstly about your contribution to the community. Not so much about what you do right now, but what you can do. If there’s something that you can contribute to, what’s stopping you from doing it? A community united is better than a community divided. The more you put into the community, the more you get out of it. 

We recently lost a community icon, Thor Froslev. 

He left behind such an honourable legacy that changed our community for the better. One of his greatest gifts was the beautiful and unique Brackendale Art Gallery, the BAG, that continues to support and showcase local talent. He made the BAG feel like a home to me, and it is my favourite venue in which I have ever played music. 

Froslev was always so welcoming and kind and always wanted to support us musicians as much as he could. He inspired so many people — myself included — and his legacy will live on for years to come.

Think about your contribution to the lives of those around you. How can you motivate them to wake up every morning? A few simple actions can go a long way—actions like checking in with your inner circle and spending quality time with them. Those actions can really impact people. The ones around you affect you the most, so if they’re not motivated, you won’t be either. 

I remember a ‘Would You Rather' question from when I was younger, and it went something like, ‘Would you rather be famous when you’re alive and forgotten when you’re dead or forgotten when you’re alive and famous when you’re dead? The idea of leaving behind a legacy appeals to me more than not leaving anything behind. I would rather leave a lasting impact rather than not leave anything tangible behind.

How am I leaving a legacy? Well, to be honest, I don’t know yet. There is still so much to accomplish — so much that what I’m doing right now might not be of relevance in the future. However, I am trying to leave a legacy in Squamish by using my voice, working with the Squamish Youth Council to create change, volunteering with Amped in the Park during its annual runs, and “making people’s day” each shift at my job. It’s the little things that can create big change and leave a lasting impact.

I hope that my gift to the world is one that will be remembered and one that will be passed on from generation to generation. As long as I inspire people, I can go to sleep knowing that I have accomplished my goal.

Grant Boguski is a Squamish teen and member of the Squamish Youth Council


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