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The effects of transformation


Coun. Jeff Dawson

Special to the Chief

The dictionary defines transformation as "a marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better."

Most of us realize that transformation or change is rarely easy. For starters, the status quo is much easier to achieve because it inherently involves doing less, or nothing at all.

However difficult change or transformation can be at times, it is clearly necessary because our ability to adapt is directly related to our ability to survive. The dinosaurs that roamed the world millions of years ago were the first to teach us this phenomenon.

We resist change at our peril. If you don't agree with that statement, speak to your local neighbourhood typewriter sales representative. I'm told sales aren't quite what they were 30 or 40 years ago.

The community of Squamish has embraced transformation over the past three years and we have done so for the same reasons as enterprising business people, parents, families, children and others have done so: survival is important to us. We want to strive to improve.

As mentioned at the outset, doing nothing is always an option. As is hoping that things will turn around on their own. Ditto crossing your fingers that things will improve.

But again, ask any chain-smoker determined to give up the habit or anybody wishing somebody else would clean out their garage for them - wishing it would happen simply does not work.

It takes commitment, focus, a plan, some discipline and probably even some luck to make it happen.

Even with that, there's no guarantee of success. But there is clearly guaranteed failure if you choose to do nothing.

So as we look around Squamish and see the numerous opportunities that the Nexen lands on the oceanfront will bring in a few short years. We have the impressive new Squamish Adventure Centre, a skateboard park that will be complete (finally) in a few short months.

We also have a library that is now open seven days a week, new directional signage all around town that is the envy of many, many communities, a new world-class university about to take flight in a couple of years, new shopping opportunities located throughout the community, and so much more it becomes abundantly apparent that transformation is well under way right before our very eyes.

All of the new indicators of transformational change listed above represent opportunities we will strategically leverage to create further residual benefits for Squamish.

While at the same time, they create a newly found, and rapidly emerging civic pride and appreciation in Squamish that these new high-quality man-made structures at long last will match the high level of infrastructure Mother Nature blessed us with long before any of us took over where the dinosaurs left off.

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